Luxe Pricing - LuxSell

LuxSell is an active yielding and management system for hotels and event providers, helping them to manage upsell prices, and increase revenue.

Often times premium hotel rooms and seats sit empty or may be given away for free to make a theater appear less empty than it is. Upsell revenue is one of the few revenue streams not shared with 3rd parties such as OTAs and ticket brokers, this is an important revenue channel.

For this project I:

  • Worked with our hotel providers to extract necessary reservation/ticket data necessary for our system
    • Built this out while remaining GDPR compliant
    • Ensured compliance with new and upcoming privacy regulations
  • Built out the initial DB schema
  • Built the backend data processing pipeline
  • Configured and implemented a secure AWS infrastructure
Nathan Clayton
Nathan Clayton
Sr. Data Architect

I am an experienced architect of data warehouses, produciton OLTP systems, and cloud infrastructure.