So I fell on the inside of my right elbow back on Feb 1. The doctors think that it’s a partially torn ligament, so I get something like a month and a half of physical therapy.

I’m so excited.

RIP “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Today is a sad day for anyone who’s ever watched a wrestling match. “Macho Man” Randy Savage died today in a car accident. Apparently he had a heart attack while driving, cut across oncoming traffic and ran into a tree. He died at the hospital from his injuries. Both he and his wife, Lynn, were in the car and were wearing seat belts. She only suffered minor physical injuries.

I know that I “snapped into a Slim Jim” today in memory of Randy Savage.

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Windows Live Writer 2011 with WordPress on DreamHost

You may get some problems when trying to use Windows Live Writer 2011 with a WordPress 3.1 installation on DreamHost. I was getting an error stating that it got an incorrect response from blogger.getUsersBlogs.

If you go into the DreamHost control panel to manage domains, there is the option for “Extra Web Security?” By default, this is selected. Just uncheck this box and select save and WLW should work fine when you go to add the blog.