Classic Americana

Found via Digg, the video below is an interesting piece of classic Americana. It comes from a day when cigarette companies could still advertise on the television, and gives us an interesting look back at some of the different aspects of American culture which some would rather not come to light.

This also makes me think of all of those “anti-Jap” cartoons which were created during WWII, and the other cartoons of the time which based some of their humor on racial stereotypes which today would be downright wrong (e.g.: Chinese characters with huge buck-teeth and incredibly slanted eyes, and black servants with huge lips or looking like white people in blackface).

It’s amazing how easy it is for us (society) to forget what memories we may collectively find embarrassing or difficult to dredge up. It’s also kind of sad, because it seems that sometimes (not all the time) these memories are the most important, showing us where we’ve come from and don’t want to return.