On patriotism and the radio

While listening to today’s episode of State of Nevada on KNPR, which was on the topic of patriotism, the state representative of the VFW was attempting to show how people are beginning to turn against the troops, as well as the war. The one example he showed was that of an extremist church which protests at the funerals for fallen soldiers. Personally I find their actions (the attempted turning of a family’s private moment of grief into one of political protest) reprehensible and repulsive, and I think that if there’s only one example of such an action he can readily think of in a country of over 200 million, then we’re doing pretty well.

On a tangent, that church protests because they believe that America’s allowing of homosexuals within the country is a sin, and the soldiers are dying because of America’s sins, or something twisted like that. (more here)