The best screensaver ever

For a while now I’ve been using the ElectricSheep screensaver. Within the past couple of generations though, it’s gotten to the point that I’m just completely addicted to the screensaver and the sheep that it’s producing.

A little about the screensaver

When you run it, it connects to a central server to retrieve work to perform as well as videos to play. The work that your computer performs is to render frames of flame fractals which then get assembled back into videos on the server.

It’s these videos which are downloaded and played continuously during the time that the screensaver is running. Also, while the screensaver is running, you can select which sheep (that’s what the final videos of the fractals are called) you like the most. When the server advances to the next generation of sheep, it keeps the highest rated sheep and randomly combines them using a genetic algorithm.

The result is a series of great videos that just keep on getting better over time. The screensaver is available for Window, Mac, as well as Linux systems.