The beauty of foreign languages

Foreign languages are incredible things. As it currently stands, I can speak three (English, Spanish, German), read one dead language (Old English), and am just beginning learning a wholly different language from any of the others I can work with (Chinese).

I must admit, as time passes (I’m only in my 4th week of Chinese), it becomes more and more fun to learn this language. It really sounds beautiful once you’ve gotten your ears accustomed to it (being a tonal language, it sounds a lot different than our western ears are used to).

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems as if the more languages that I learn, the easier it becomes to learn the next language. It seems as if each time I take on a new language, it’s stretching my mind in a new and different way and the more I learn,  the more receptive my mind is to learning another language.