Corporations want your money (for hobbled products)

At the moment, I’ve got the best cell-phone that I’ve had to date. It’s a Motorola E815. It supports Bluetooth, full OBEX profiles, and the latest 3rd generation networks, including Verizon’s high-speed network, and the potential to tether that to my laptop (not going to try that though – heard horror stories of people getting hit with insane charges). Or rather, it could support all this. Verizon has purposely hobbled the phone for their own greedy means, basically they wanted you to pay them to put ringtones on their phone, really crappy quality ringtones at that.

Thankfully, there are some sites which provide guides for how to modify your firmware on this phone to allow 3rd party MP3 ringtones and full Bluetooth OBEX profile support. I guess that it’s another great example of how the internet helps to spread knowledge, even if it’s the kind of knowledge that companies don’t want let out.

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