Contemporary German Authors/Books?

Anyone know of any good contemporary German authors/books? I’ve got a class in contemporary German literature (since WWII), and so I need to find a good book to do a report and presentation on at the end of this semester. I was thinking of something possibly by Heinrich Böll, but I’m open to suggestions.

  • famimi

    Hi Nathan,

    I discovered Günter Grass for myself last Summer. I read “Katz und Maus” in Poland, which is a classic (actually all of his books are classics), another really famous one is his first novel “Die Blechtrommel”, 1959 (he recieved the Nobel price for literature in 1999). He has a very interesting style of writing.
    Right now I’m reading “Mein Jahrhundert”, a collection of short stories, one for each Year of the 20th century.
    He was born in Danzig, in 1927, back when Danzig (Gdansk) was still German. I would suggest try Katz und Maus, its pretty short and a good book to get into his writing

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