Drunk in CA/Truck problems (again…)

Came down to CA to hang out with my dad for a few days before UNLV starts back up. I went out with my step-brother Kirk last night and got tore up. I ended up praying to the porcelin god for a while and then just passed out on my bed. It was great fun, except for the whole puking/passing out/hangover thing.

Oh, and on the way down, just after I passed stateline, the part of my exhaust system where the headers are welded onto the other exhaust piping just above the catalytic converter broke, so I’m essentially driving with open pipes just under the headers. It’s interesting to say the least.

To add to that, when I parked to get some gas at Barstow, I looked under again just to check on everything… my transmission is leaking fluid like no tomorrow and I’ve probably lost a good couple of quarts already. Fucking sucks. It’s gone out on me once already since I paid to have it rebuild. So if you get any auto work done in Vegas, don’t even think of going to Best Auto Specialists. Their work sucks.