Day after get-together

The day after that whole frat-party mess, I hosted a little get-together at my place. Here’s some pics from that one…

Chris was Axel Rose.

We had an appearance from Dean Martin (Kevin – the taller) and Frank Sinatra (Eddie).

Lauren and Jon made an appearance.

Amber showed up. She was supposed to be a ho for another party where her friend Gabi would be the pimp.

Kristen showed up supposed to be a bee, but the outfit was a bit see-through in the back, so she was some kind of weird human-bee inbred thing instead.

Frank and Dean were pleased with Amber’s appearance.

The hookah was popular that night. I like the last one, looks almost like Kristen and Justin are doing some soul-stealing move from a video game (better at high-res).

Random pics to follow:

  • Hookah

    Nice pics of your hookah and the party! Hookah Hub

  • Nathan

    Thanks, I got it on Ebay for only $45.00. Of course that was just the hookah and the essential hardware. I then went and spent some $40.00 on tobacco and coals.