Halloween Pictures

I know that it’s kind of late, but I’m still going to post these bad boys up. Here they are in their digital glory.

Ted decided that he’d be pimping it as Hugh Hefner. This is him before he got trashed.

Matt as a representative of our wonderful USPS.

Jason (Matt’s little brother) the Mormon missionary.

Linda the cowgirl.

And Zach as Neil Diamond.

Ted double fisting like a champ after Brandon decided to tap both of his bottles. The beginning of the end.

Then came the whole frat party. There and a bit before Ted must have downed something like a quarter of a bottle of SoCo. So he was trashed. Put the CB on me too while I was trying to talk to some girls. Fucker.

Anyways, here’s the pics of him afterwords passed out on Zach’s porch…

Gotta love that last one with Zach laughing at Ted passed out in his own vomit.

After that happened, I hosed out my truck because the passenger side was full of Ted’s puke. Here’s the aftermath of that and some more of Ted after Zach grabbed the hose out of my hands and hosed him off…

We ended up dragging his drunk ass upstairs. He lived to drink another day.