Did I mention I hated Toshiba?

It crashed on me again after I posted that last entry. I’m through with this crap.

  • aish

    Hey there,
    Bumped into your blog, enjoyed reading your writings. Straight forward yet close to heart. Keep on blogging! Hope to read more from you!

  • Katy-shoes


  • Anonymous

    i own a 1700 satalite pro 6!years old still going strong tho slow compared to its modern kin but hanging together toshiba make some of the best laptops available but nobodys perfect eh?
    still it sounds like your complaints are taken seriously and your puter is fixed
    what did you want from them?

  • Nathan

    I think that the problem that I really have is that several things always seem to go bad, and for some reason, it’s always the same thing. I’ve had my mainboard replaced 3 times, the hard drive replaced, the power supply replaiced, and to boot, there’s other problems that have cropped up too, like the screen won’t stay up, and the eraser point has stopped working too.

    I’ve spoken with others, and from what I’ve heard, it’s one of the worst models that they’ve ever produced and fails all the time for others.

    It’s just that it’s left a bad taste in my mouth, and I don’t think that I’ll ever get another one.