Never buy Toshiba … ever …

Just so that you know, I’m not speaking through my ass. I have a Toshiba laptop. I’m typing this entry on a Toshiba laptop. A Satellite Pro 6100 to be exact. And I have to say that this has to be one of the worst computers that I’ve ever used.

I guess that I’ll start at the beginning. I got this laptop about two years ago. When I got it, it was top of the line, state of the art. A beautiful machine. It still is really nice to work on to this day. The screen is huge by any comparison, and the resolution of 1600×1200 is just a dream.

But then, about six months after I got this computer, the hard-drive went bad. I lost everything. More than a semester’s worth of work down the drain. Not to mention thousands of emails. After that I kept, and still keep regular backups. Definitely necessary, no matter what.

So I figured that everything was fine and dandy, and was content with keeping my system chugging along. I kept the spyware off, the virii off, anything I didn’t think was necessary off. But then, something like four months later, the mainboard on it died. I got no explanation as to what it was, simply a bad mainboard.

This past summer, I went down to California. My power converter went bad. So I took it in for that. This was a good thing, because ever since I got my laptop back for the mainboard replacement, my computer would mysteriously shut off and not turn back on until I turned it over, took out the ram and reseated it.

They said that it was because there wasn’t enough thermal paste on the CPU. Yeah, and it wouldn’t stop for days running at almost 100% capacity and instead only do it randomly because?

So now it’s turning off and not turning back on again. That is, it was yesterday. Today I guess it decided to work. If this happens again, I’m taking it back in and seeing how many times stuff has to go bad before the lemon laws take effect, and I can get my money back.

Screw this, from now on it’s Apple for me.