Fun day/night, crazy semester

First off, this semester’s going to be insane. I’m taking 18 credits (6 classes). 6 of those (two classes) are with one professor who pretty much requires an essay a week, on top of a copious ammount of reading and note taking. Then I’ve got to learn, and keep separate in my mind both Russian and Hebrew, all while continuing my German education. And to top it off, I’m also taking an intro to Sociology class, and I’ve gotta do a bunch of independent studying because I really want to do an independent study in Sociolinguistics next semester with one of the Sociology professors.

And to today. Well, the most happened tonight. I went to a strip club for the first time. It was DejaVu. It was ok. There was this one stripper who climbed up to the top of the pole and did most of her dancing up there swinging aound on the pole. Must have been at least 12 feet high.

Even so, it wasn’t arousing to me by any means. I guess that I feel it’s all a bit too forced, and to boot, it seems like the complete objectification of women. I like to see a woman more as a companion to be sought after than an object to be merely drooled over. Granted beauty is a plus, but there’s something else that I’m looking for too. And it’s that other thing that I find truly intriguing.